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New Supply Chain Automation Technician Certification

New Supply Chain Automation Technician Certification Announced

Aug. 17, 2020
The CT-SCA program is designed to provide companies with higher skilled technicians to ensure that these automated systems are dependable, cost-effective, flexible and safe.

The need for higher-skilled technicians is the reason that at its leadership meeting on August 20, 2020, the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) will announce a new, industry-led, nationally portable "Certified Technician in Supply Chain Automation" (CT-SCA) hands-on training and certification program. 

"Driven by COVID-19, the nation's entire retail economy is accelerating its long-term shift towards e-Commerce: orders shipped directly to consumers out of large distribution centers. In response to this challenge and opportunity, the e-Commerce industry is the most willing to increase its investment in automation technologies—according to a 2020 study by Honeywell Intelligrated. The CT-SCA program is designed to provide these companies with higher skilled technicians to ensure that these automated systems are dependable, cost-effective, flexible, and safe," said MSC Chair and President, Leo Reddy. 

The non-profit MSSC is a leader in preparing technicians with the core, industry-wide technical skills needed for front-line work in all sectors of advanced manufacturing and logistics.   

 "CT-SCA was built based on a definition of supply chain automation technicians provided by the National Center, i.e., "persons who install, maintain, support, operate or upgrade the automated material handling equipment and systems which operate the supply chain," said Steve Harrington, Industry Liaison at the National Center for Supply Chain Automation. "Our research confirms that 25% of all U.S. retail spending will be online by 2020, a trend expected to force 100,000 retail stores to close." 

As online spending increases the need for those skilled in managing these systems increases. "Today's use of supply chain automation is expanding at an exponential rate, causing the need for maintenance technicians who can service these systems to greatly exceed the current workforce supply.," said Paul Perkins, President of Amato. Amatrol, Inc., a  manufacturer of industrial technician training and equipment. The company invented a  device called Skill Boss Logistics for hands-on CT-SCA training and certification.

"This problem is only going to become greater in the coming years unless dramatic changes are made. CT-SCA is going to be the game-changer," added Harrington. "This certification provides a high-quality means to prepare competent technicians, and its training design will enable organizations to produce technicians at the accelerated rate needed to catch up. This is a certification that needs to be in every school and every logistics company in this country."

To secure industry support for the development and promotion for CT-SCA, the National Center, MSSC and Amatrol partnered with MHI, a trade association that has represented the material handling, logistics and supply chain industry since 1945.  foundation for CT-SCA. 

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