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Large Number of Employees Exposed to Workplace Violence

Large Number of Employees Exposed to Workplace Violence

Feb. 7, 2024
And 12% of employees have been the target of workplace violence says new survey from Traliant.

Workplace violence continues to be a concern, as demonstrated by the conclusion of a new study from Traliant, "Fear Factors: A 2024 Employee Survey Report on Workplace Violence, Harassment and Mental Health". 

The survey found almost 1 in 4 respondents have witnessed workplace violence happening to another employee in the last five years and 12% have been the target of workplace violence themselves.

The survey, compiled from responses from of over 1,000 employees in the U.S., assesses the reality of how employees are experiencing violence, misconduct and mental health in the workplace. 

"Many employers are unaware or are surprised to learn – the realities of what their employees experience when it comes to workplace safety and mental health,” said Mike Dahir, Traliant’s CEO, in a statement. “This not only poses a risk to businesses from a reputational and legal standpoint, but also prevents employees from bringing their best selves to work. Today’s most successful employers will both understand and meet employees’ needs for safe workplaces.”  

The report examines key areas employers can better protect their business and how they need to address the realities of employee safety and well-being.

Key findings include:

  • Knowledge and preparedness are the best assets to overcome safety concerns. While the majority (70%) of respondents have received training on workplace violence, this leaves nearly a third of employees who have not received training – a big gap employers need to close as soon as possible or risk exposing themselves and employees to potential consequences (e.g., reputational harm or costly litigation).  
  • Employees need training on how to de-escalate and respond to potentially violent situations. An overwhelming majority (90%) of those surveyed believe other states should adopt similar policies to California's new workplace violence prevention law that requires employers to adopt workplace violence prevention plans, maintain records of any threats or incidents of workplace violence, and provide effective training to workers on workplace violence. 
  • Employees need safe channels for reporting their concerns. Only 44% of workers strongly agree that their employers promote a speak-up culture, where employees can report misconduct without fear of retaliation. 
  • Employees need to trust their employers have their back when it comes to mental health. A strong majority (86%) of those surveyed either strongly or somewhat agree employers need to do more to address the mental health needs of employees in the workplace. 

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