Teamsters Announce New Port Division Head

May 21, 2009
Highlighting the Teamster position on independent contractors and environment, James Hoffa announced Fred Potter will direct the union's port division.

Announcing the appointment of Fred Potter to the role of director of the union's port division, Jim Hoffa, Teamsters general president, said “Misclassified independent contractors at our nation’s ports are the most exploited truck drivers, and they need protections that only a strong Teamster contract can provide,” His statement clearly identifies one of the top agenda items for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in the wake of a federal appeals court decision that a lower court erred in not granting an injunction against the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach relative to concession requirements that were part of the ports' clean truck program.

“Fred understands that 21st Century challenges require sound policies to take care of the environment, our economy, and the workers who depend on both,” said Chuck Mack, who played an instrumental role in garnering Congressional support for the Los Angeles Clean Trucks Program. Mack is leaving the union's port division position to assume responsibility for the Western Conference Teamster Pension Trust. Mack commented that Potter is, “always full of humor, he earns your respect even in moments of disagreement because he listens to and works with all stakeholders to achieve effective solutions for business and labor alike.”

Currently Sergeant-in-Arms with the New Jersey State Democratic Party, Potter is also the former Chairman to the Ocean County Democratic Committee. He is active in the Coalition for Healthy Ports, the sister “blue-green” coalition on the East Coast to the Coalition for Clean & Safe Ports in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland and Seattle.

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