Wal-Mart Canada Extends Contract With Exel Group

April 28, 2009
Supply Chain Management (SCM), Canada's largest retail logistics services organization, has a 15-year relationship with Wal-Mart Canada providing dedicated transportation, logistics and value-added services to Wal-Mart’s 312 stores and supercenters nationwide. The two signed a five-year contract extension that takes them to 2013.

SCM, and Exel company, supports the Wal-Mart’s ambient supply chain by operating five distribution centers totaling five million square feet. The facilities handle products including general merchandise, dry grocery and imports. SCM also coordinates all outbound transportation activities and directs a regionally dedicated fleet of 150 tractors and 350 drivers delivering products from distribution centers to Wal-Mart stores.

SCM was acquired by Exel in 2004 and operates multiple distribution centers in Mississauga and Cornwall, Ontario, and Calgary, Alberta.

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