Talent Recruiting Trends for 2013

Jan. 9, 2013
Here are five recruiting trends emerging in the material handling and logistics world to bring talent on board.

Over the past year, my colleagues and I have worked with numerous companies that manufacture, integrate and implement material handling systems technology. Based on their needs and our experience, some things are changing in the way that top talent is recruited, contracted and hired.

Video & Skype interviewing will be more prevalent. Many organizations will make video interviewing and Skype a standard as part of a job search. We attribute this to technology advances, slashed travel budgets for both recruiters and candidates alike, and convenience. Think about it...both hiring managers and candidates can interview at their convenience and without taking time away from other pressing matters.

Material handling system manufacturersand users are now mapping their future talent pool.  While organizations may not always be hiring, they are beginning to see the value in always recruiting and staying in touch with “A” players.  If you wait until you fire someone or receive a resignation before you start recruiting, you’re putting yourself in a bind and may have to settle for a “B” or even “C” player.  Continuous talent acquisition for “A” players is the path to success.

Culture-Fitting candidates is growing in importance. You may have heard that “people are hired for skills but fired for fit.”  Well, it’s true. Consequently, matching a candidate with an organization’s working environment or “culture” has become an essential part of the interview and selection process. Culture-fitting a candidate avoids a mismatch or misfit.

Mobile platforms will play an integral role.The workforce is increasingly expecting communications through their mobile phones and devices.  As such, mobile recruiting presents a tremendous opportunity for employers to engage and stay connected with the next generation of talent.

The interview and job offer process will be shortened. Organizations have lost too many good candidates over the last year due to a time lapse between the interview and job offer. They now realize the value in keeping the momentum going by ironing out the details of the job prior to conducting interviews. Also, it’s important to minimize delays due to organizational bureaucracy and politics.

Dan Charney is managing partner with Direct Recruiters Inc. (www.directrecruiters.com), a Cleveland, Ohio-based search firm for companies in automated packaging and material handling systems.

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