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CFOs Want More Time Off

March 25, 2015
19% of CFOs want more vacation days, according to new research from Accountemps.

While 41% of CFOs wanted better benefit plans such as enhanced health care, 19% want more vacation days, according to new research from Accountemps.

Another survey, as reported in an article by Stephen Miller on the Society of Human Resource Management's website,  found that more time off (30%) edged out better benefit plans (26%) as the most desired benefit for 2015.

“You can't underestimate the importance of time away from work,” said Bill Driscoll, a district president with Accountemps.

He noted that companies should encourage staff to take the vacation time they've earned and disconnect while out of the office in order to relax, recharge and return with renewed energy. “Managers can set a good example by taking time off themselves and not checking in when they're on vacation,” he said.

CFOs were asked, “Other than additional compensation, which one of the following do you believe would top your employees' wish lists when it comes to their jobs this year?”

Better benefit plan, such as enhanced health care plan


More vacation days


More scheduling flexibility, such as telecommuting or flexible work hours


More training or professional development opportunities


Other corporate perks, such as onsite meals and amenities, preventive health and wellness support, or subsidized transportation


Don't know


Source: Accountemps, a Robert Half company

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