Ways to Attract  and Retrain Supply Chain Talent

Ways to Attract and Retain Supply Chain Talent

July 10, 2024
Young supply chain professionals say that compensation is why they switch jobs.

As supply chain continues to transform—driven by innovations in AI technology and sustainability—CHROs, CSOs, and ESG officers will work more closely together to build a strong pipeline of new talent, according to a recent article from Korn Ferry.

Here are a few suggestions from the article. 

Focus on Pay, Rewards, and Benefits 

Top talent comes at a cost. Young supply chain professionals say that compensation is one of the top reasons—alongside career development—that they look for a new job.  

Pay and benefits, advancement opportunities, and level of flexibility (say, remote or hybrid work models) all can influence employees to look elsewhere.  

To reduce turnover, employers must ensure that their  totqal rewards package are competitive.

Spotlight Career Development  

Young professionals want to be continuously heard, supported, and given opportunities for growth. Nurturing this pipeline with better benefits and development opportunities is crucial to retaining high performers. 

To keep Gen Z meaningfully engaged, our experts suggest that organizations provide a clear path for working in different areas of the business. Skill variety creates a meaningful work experience for Gen Z, which is critical for retention.  

Companies are seeing a growing number of employees looking for broad exposure, with the ability to move into other areas in the future. “New hires want to know: ‘If I go into warehousing, do I always have to be in warehousing?’” says Karyn Troxell, vice president of Human Resources for Penske Logistics.  

On-the-job cross functional projects can expose employees to different parts of the supply chain, giving young professionals the opportunity to interact with other product lines, expand skill sets, and be exposed to future opportunities.

“Our competitive advantage and ability to win in the future will be largely dependent on having access to the best talent.,” says Angie Freeman, Chief Human Resources & ESG Officer, CH Robinson. Our customers tell us our people are the main reason they choose to work with us,” she says. “Our competitive advantage and ability to win in the future will be largely dependent on having access to the best talent.” 

The supply chain sector will continue to evolve, demanding innovation, connectivity, technology, and solutions—all of which rely on a strong pipeline of highly skilled talent, Korn Ferry notes. Companies that recognize the need for this talent and invest in the growth of their employees will position themselves for success as global supply chains become more complex. 

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