Batch Picking Work Station Ups Throughput [New Products] Integrated Systems Design

Batch Picking Work Station Ups Throughput [New Products]

The UltraBatch is a dynamic batch order picking work station that its maker, Integrated Systems Design, says creates continuous automated batch picking operations that can improve operator throughput up to 33% and accuracy levels to 99.99%+.  The system automates the batch picking process by automatically inducting new orders and sending filled orders to the next work station without operator actions. Software queues orders in logical sequence and commonality. The operator follows the integrated pick-to-light system to place the correct item and quantity into the proper open order tote or box. The orders sitting in a batch no longer have to wait until the last item and order is completed to move to the next zone. This improves labor and accuracy levels, and improves the productivity of other picking zones, consolidation and shipping operations since they receive a more consistent workflow.

Integrated Systems Design


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