Bulk Unloading without Physical Strain [New Products]

Bulk Unloading without Physical Strain [New Products]

Beumer Corp. has introduced the Parcel Picker, a semi-automatically operated machine that enables efficient bulk unloading without physical strain and can help increase throughput in logistic centers.

It consists of a modified stationary telescopic belt conveyor and an unloading unit connected on the face side that is operated by the employee. The unit is pushed by the telescoping belt conveyor. The main component is the package manipulator. The operator uses it to pull the packages from the top onto the conveying technology.

A special attachment, mounted flexibly at the front end, supports proper package handling and prevents damages. The package manipulator is ergonomically designed and is suspended from its center of gravity to make it neutral in weight, so that the operator does not have to carry it. The packages do not have to be lifted, which means almost no physical strain for the operator. At the same time, the operator's productivity is increased because the work is less exhausting.

The suspension also has a motor-driven height adjustment, so it can be optimally adjusted to the height of the employee.

Via an operating unit at the operator panel, the employee enters the direction of movement into the system. The actual movement is triggered with a foot-operated button, which helps to ensure safe operation. A camera, mounted to the unloading unit, turns on automatically when driving backwards. The employee can always see all activity on his display, even to their rear, and avoid any obstacles.

The Parcel Picker can be used as a semiautomatic device for unloading bulk goods from swap bodies. It can also be equipped with a module for automatic unloading of roller containers. In an emergency, this system can also be used manually, i.e., like a traditional telescopic belt conveyor.

Beumer Corp.


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