Modular Battery Charger [New Products]

Modular Battery Charger [New Products]

Hawker has expanded its modular high-frequency charger line to include the Lifespeed MOD3 charger brand. Equipped with the latest high-frequency switch-mode IONIC smart charging technology, the new modular charger offers the flexibility of a fast charger, an opportunity charger and a straight-through charger.

The Lifespeed MOD3 charger line utilizes patented AccelRate technology to create a charge algorithm which reduces resistance in the plates, thus increasing charge acceptance. This provides a fully charged battery in just two to three hours while avoiding excessive heat generation. Additionally, the Lifespeed MOD3 chargers offer two other charge profile options: Hawker’s patented Ionic charge profile and an opportunity charge profile.

The modular design of the Hawker Lifespeed MOD3 charger line allows each individual power module to operate independently. Even if one module stops working, the other modules continue charging the battery. Since each module is a stand-alone unit, this eliminates the risk of catastrophic failures and downtime.

The 6-bay Lifespeed MOD3 charger cabinets allow for modules to be added or removed in response to changing power needs.



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