Robotic Grippers [New Products]

Robotic Grippers [New Products]

Grabit Inc. has launched a line of robotic grippers based on the company’s electroadhesion technology. Electroadhesion is a highly-flexible, ultra-low energy technology that enables the handling of delicate, and difficult to grasp parts.

Grabit P-Series (Panel-Series) Grippers are designed for applications that include handling fabric, apparel, composite fibers, pre-preg, mobile devices, solar cell components, printed circuit boards, flex circuits, and glass displays. They are offered in five different sizes for a variety of parts and applications. The grippers can also be combined to meet the specific needs of a customer’s application.

Grabit grippers offer enhanced flexibility, reduced complexity, gentle handling, and low-energy consumption. Electroadhesion technology eliminates the need for part-specific grippers and minimizes gripper changeover. With energy usage in the range of 1-10 watts, the grippers enable new “un-tethered” applications with mobile robots maximizing battery life.

Grabit Inc.

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