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Forklifts Feature Clean Running Engines

Toyota's environmentally friendly 8-Series lift truck.

The new 8-Series of lift trucks from Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A. ( are powered by the company's 4Y internal combustion engine featuring a closed-loop fuel system that automatically adjusts and optimizes the air-fuel mixture. Working in conjunction with the unit's three-way catalytic muffler, the exhaust system reduces emissions of hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide. The vehicles surpass 2007 Federal EPA emissions standards, but also meets California's stringent 2010 emission standards.

The 8-Series forklifts provide a digital display of a number of functions and perform self-diagnostics through a built-in analyzer. Routine maintenance is easier with features such as lift-out floorboards that simplify daily operator checks. Fork tip visibility has been enhanced with a dash-mounted digital display, low profile cowl and a repositioned lower mast cross-member. For increased comfort the 8-Series has a larger entry step, curvilinear overhead guard and non-cinching seat belts. Smaller steering wheels require less effort to turn, helping to reduce shoulder strain.

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