HHP adds anytime/anywhere real-time communication to wireless solutions

HHP Inc. has announced the availability of the Dolphin 9500 GSM/GPRS mobile computers integrated with Windows Mobile software for Pocket PCs. Designed for mobility in the workplace, the Dolphin 9500 GSM/GPRS is optimized for voice and two-way data communications for a variety of mobile data acquisition applications worldwide.

The Dolphin 9500 GSM/GPRS mobile computers are an extension to the Dolphin 9500 series mobile computer line and share the same industry-standard architecture platform, including Intel X-Scale processor, integrated triple wireless radio design and HHP’s Adaptus Imaging Technology.

The Dolphin 9500 mobile computers with integrated GSM/GPRS can be used in virtually any mobile application environment and allow for various wide area wireless functionalities, such as sending and receiving data, voice calls or SMS messages. These mobile computers are designed for use in field service, package deliver, and route accounting applications.

If you would like more information, please contact HHP here.


Dolphin 9500 image
Dolphin 9500 mobile computer
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