Multi-Axis Modular Storage [New Product] Schaefer Systems International

Multi-Axis Modular Storage [New Product]

SSI Schaefer’s 3D-MATRIX Solution is a modular concept for the storage and picking of individual items (piece picking), cases and whole pallets. The warehouse cube system is open to all sides, allowing for future upgrades. Access to the stored goods, ranging from trays, layers to pallets, is done by shuttles. The requested load units are moved to lift transfer stations and buffered there. Individual access of the lifts to the transfer stations enables the sequencing of retrieval operations and load-dependent storage. Almost any number of picking and shipping stations can be configured, integrated and sequenced individually. Thus, all retrieval operations are performed separately and exclusively for the connected workstation. With this design, all items in the warehouse cube can be accessed at any time without a decrease in the performance.

Schaefer Systems International


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