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SAP is Adding RFID Functionality

SAP continues to build RFID functionality into its solutions, which is being employed by logistics service providers around the world. For example, Stamford, Ct-based Purdue Pharma L.P. has implemented the SAP solution for RFID introduced in January not only to achieve compliance with Wal-Mart requirements, “but also because we believe it will help us generate value for our business in the future,” says David Richiger, executive director of the company’s Package Design and Development. “By being able to track our products automatically, we not only fulfill Wal-Mart’s mandate, we also position ourselves to meet future requirements from the FDA and DEA.”

Others whose SAP solutions were covered at the conference included Schenker. The international provider of integrated logistics services uses the SAP solution to, “connect our business processes end-to-end and create a clearer view into our numerous customers’ supply chains,” says Schenker’s head of It management logistics,” Bernhard Oymann.

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