Small Businesses and their Vendors More Optimistic about Economy

Results of survey by Balboa Capital show revenues rising.

American small business owners and equipment dealers are feeling more optimistic about the nation’s economy, and many of them are seeing increased revenues in 2013, according to the results of a nationwide online survey of small businesses and equipment vendors done by Balboa Capital, providers of small business loans and equipment leasing.

Highlights of the survey results include: 

  • 72% of small business owners feel the U.S. economy is improving; 43% are extremely confident about the economy;
  • 39% of small business owners are seeing increased revenues this year;
  • 58% of equipment vendors are seeing increased revenues this year;
  • 88% of equipment vendors are confident about the future of their businesses;
  • The most common investment goals among small business owners include business expansion (34%), marketing (21%), increasing staff (20%) and purchasing equipment (13%);
  • 31% of small businesses financed capital equipment this year.


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