Digitally Fluent Workforce Creates Revenue Growth

Digitally Fluent Workforce Creates Revenue Growth

Dec. 4, 2020
Digitally literate companies are 5.4x more likely to be projecting high revenue growth in the next three years.

While remote workers comprise nearly two-thirds (60%) of the workforce, less than half of the companies they work for have company-wide remote work policies in place.

And only14% are considered digitally mature within their industry, according to a new report, “Honing Your Digital Edge from Accenture. The report surveyed 5,400 workers from nine industries and 12 countries.

The importance of being digitally fluent is underscored by the discovery that those companies are  5.4x more likely to be projecting high revenue growth in the next three years.

This level of fluency also leads to a majority of workers ( 69%) reporting the company as a great place to work and these companies report higher levels of customer satisfaction (68%).

“When the pandemic hit, everyone had to pivot quickly and accelerate their digital transformations, however, few companies were digitally mature enough to move at the scale and speed necessary to transition and unlock new value,” said Eva Sage-Gavin, Accenture’s Global Talent & Organization / Human Potential practice lead, in a statement. “Success in today’s environment requires organizations to hone their digital skills by supporting their workers to thrive through skill-building opportunities that will unlock their full potential and ingenuity.”

Digital Fluency Framework

 The report recommends a Digital Fluency Framework’s which is comprised of four building blocks: Digital Foundations, Digital Operations, Digital Leadership & Culture, and Digital Workforce Technology Quotient (TQ).

“Although digital transformation has been a major business priority for the past few years, there’s still a nagging gap between a company’s existing technology foundation and the digital skills or tools workers need to unleash creativity and new ways of working,” said Emma McGuigan, Intelligent Platform Services lead at Accenture. “Fostering a digitally fluent workforce means closing that gap across your company, often starting at the top. The CIO is central to get this done, transforming their role from merely equipping workers with a digital infrastructure to harnessing their enthusiasm to drive innovation at scale.”

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