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Who’s Leading the Race in Autonomous Vehicles?

Oct. 19, 2015
The top four OEMs that are leading the field of autonomous vehicles are Daimler, Audi, BMW and General Motors.

A new study by Navigant Research looked at the strategy and execution of autonomous vehicle technology for 18 automakers. The OEMs were rated on 12 criteria: vision, go-to market strategy, partnerships, production strategy, technology, geographic reach, sales, marketing and distribution, product capability, product quality and reliability, product portfolio, pricing and company commitment. found.

The study only considered OEMs, not technology companies including Google, which already has tested its self-driving electric cars on the road.

Here are the rankings from the report,  Autonomous Vehicle OEMs:

Leaders—Strategy and execution scores greater than 75

1.     Daimler

2.     Audi

3.     BMW

4.     General Motors

Contenders—Companies that are capable of taking the lead in the near future

1.      Volvo

2.     Ford

3.     Toyota

4.     Honda

Challengers—companies that could challenge for leadership in the near future

1.      Volkswagen

2.     Nissan

3.     Jaguar Land Rover

4.     Tesla

5.     Hyundai/Kia