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Get On Board the Paperless Railroad

As RMI explains, its Rail AMS system offers several key features designed to help Customs clearance smoother. It sends a “train enroute, one-hour out” message to Customs within one hour of reaching the border; receives authorization via the Internet for multi-transit border of in-transit border moves; amend, delete or re-add bill of lading data via the Internet; receive in-bond authorization via the Internet; and designate secondary parties to receive carrier status notifications, among other features. Since the system transmits to Customs data including the waybills of rail cars in standing car order, it’s possible to have pre-determination of merchandise release or its being delayed for examination. Data available on the Internet permits railroads, shippers, brokers and others to follow shipments through the clearance process.

To learn more about Rail AMS, visit the web site,

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