Nationwide Express Adds Wireless System to Entire Fleet

Nationwide Express, a provider of third-party logistics services, plans to adopt on-board fleet management systems in its fleet of 200 trucks. The technology is being provided by Qualcomm Inc., a supplier of wireless systems.

Nationwide Express participated in trials of the new platform, Qualcomm’s Mobile Computing Platform 110 (MCP110). An early adopter of Qualcomm’s first generation mobile information platform, OmniTRACS, Nationwide Express is an asset-based provider of irregular route truckload services; contract equipment, drivers and maintenance; warehousing and distribution services; and land, rail, air and sea transportation services.

The MCP110 offers on-board driver tutorials, which are similar to the “help” function in many software programs, and are available to educate drivers on how to use the mobile applications. It operates using terrestrial communication, with the option to upgrade to terrestrial plus Wi-Fi communication. With Wi-Fi-enabled communication, customers can access static content on both the Internet and web-based email programs, as well as scan documents over the Wi-Fi network without paying a per page charge. Customers also can utilize Qualcomm’s Media Manager Service, which allows audio messages to be broadcasted to the fleet without an additional charge.

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