New York/New Jersey Proposes Toll and Fare Increase

In addition to the security costs, the fees would help fund a $30 billion long-term capital investment program that makes strategic investments in rehabilitating and modernizing agency facilities, easing congestion, and reducing overcrowding.

The Board of Commissioners authorized a series of public hearings on the proposed toll and fare adjustment.

The agency released an adjusted 2007-2016 Capital Plan totaling $29.5 billion. It includes additional investments of $1 billion for the new Hudson River passenger rail tunnel, and additional $680 million for PATH to create longer trains on the World Trade Center line, and an additional $350 million for Stewart International Airport redevelopment.

The capital plan specifically calls for $4 billion to keep bridges and tunnels safe and in a good state of repair. It also includes $1 billion for a new Goethals Bridge. It would spend $100 million to remove all toll booths and install all-electronic toll collection. And, it would expand, modernize, and enhance security at JFK and LaGuardia airports through funding totaling $3.1 billion.

Under the proposal, tolls for drivers using the E-ZPass system on the Port’s two tunnels and four bi-state bridges would increase from $4 to $6 for off-peak travel and from $5 to $8 in peak hours. Cash tolls would increase from $6 to $8. The toll increase for trucks and buses would vary depending on the size of the vehicle.

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