Prologis Joins Chicago Climate Exchange

March 15, 2007
ProLogis (Denver,, one of the world's largest owners and developers of distribution facilities, has joined the Chicago Climate Exchange

ProLogis (Denver,, one of the world's largest owners and developers of distribution facilities, has joined the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX,, the world's first and North America's only voluntary, legally binding greenhouse gas emissions reduction, registry and trading program. Membership in the exchange requires ProLogis to completely offset the "carbon footprint" associated with its business operations in the U.S. In addition, the company can also earn tradable credits when it builds warehouses that reduce energy consumption through new technology and high-quality design.

"We're extremely pleased to be joining CCX as part of our broader corporate commitment to sustainable development," said Jeff Schwartz, CEO of ProLogis. "Doing so has already enabled us to improve our overall organizational aptitude in measuring and quantifying carbon output at our business facilities. Going forward, it will also allow us to capture additional value from the investments we are making in energy-efficient distribution centers."

The Chicago Climate Exchange was founded in 2003 as a voluntary but legally binding system for the registry, reduction and trading of carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases. Direct emitters who join the exchange must pledge to lower emissions over time according to pre-set reduction schedules, and can do so either through direct mitigation or through the purchase of carbon credits. Other members can generate such credits through activities that reduce gas emissions such as no-till farming, reforestation and methane capture at landfills. The price of carbon credits at any given point is determined by supply and demand and other standard market forces. CCX is a wholly owned subsidiary of Climate Exchange Plc, a public stock company listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange.

Walt Rakowich, president and COO of ProLogis, noted that sustainable development is an increasingly important issue for the company's customers and for government agencies that regulate development around the world.

"We continue to establish energy-efficient building as a core competency in all of our regions, and are committed to becoming a world leader in this area," Rakowich said. "Through continuous improvements in design and construction, we can help our customers reduce their energy costs while delivering long-term benefits to the environment."

ProLogis has operations in 81 markets across North America, Europe and Asia. The company has $25.3 billion of assets owned, managed and under development, comprising 406.9 million sq. ft. in 2,406 properties.

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