Port San Antonio Opens Customs Facility

March 18, 2009
San Antonio has opened a full-service Customs Federal Inspection Services facility at Kelly Field. Article text:

US Congressman Charlie Gonzalez, San Antonio Mayor Pro-Tem Philip Cortez, and Port San Antonio President/CEO Bruce Miller were on hand for the opening of a new US Customs facility at Kelly Field.

The full-service customs station opened by the Port of San Antonio, along with the personnel manning the facility, are investments made by the Port at no cost to the federal government. In addition to the facility itself, an agricultural laboratory and several storage areas are readily available for the accommodation of bonded goods.

“This is a significant event not only for San Antonio, but for South Texas as a whole”, said Congressman Gonzalez. Asked what this opening signifies for San Antonio, Port San Antonio Vice President of Port Operations Jason Coles responded, “Having US Customs on-site is the key that opens the door for the Port to receive international air cargo. Not only does this increase the amount of cargo that San Antonio can receive globally, but it also gives local businesses an even greater opportunity to export their goods to the rest of the world.”

In other news, Port San Antonio took part in the City of San Antonio’s Economic Connection’s visit to Mexico City and Monterrey, Mexico in an effort to re-emphasize San Antonio’s interest in investment and trade with Mexican industry leaders. The trip, was initiated through the City of San Antonio’s International Affairs Department and the Free Trade Alliance.

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