NRS Launches Logistics Service for China-U.S. Retail Trade

Feb. 22, 2010
National Retail Systems, a 3PL for U.S. retailers, is leveraging its joint venture with China-based Sinotrans to provide vendor-controlled inventory management solutions from factory to store

National Retail Systems Inc. (NRS), a provider of logistics services to U.S. retailers, pharmaceutical companies and consumer goods manufacturers, has launched its Vendor Direct Logistics offering for China-based retail suppliers. These services will enable Chinese manufacturers to create vendor-controlled inventory management solutions for retailers in the United States. The service suite includes China transportation services, value-added services, consolidation, freight forwarding, customs clearance, pier drayage, warehousing and distribution.

All services are provided by SinoNRS in China and NRS in the United States. SinoNRS is an exclusive joint venture formed in 2007 by NRS and Sinotrans, one of China’s largest logistics providers. Customers can manage purchase orders and track shipments using NRS’s integrated warehouse management and import logistics technology platform.

Manufacturers in China will be able to provide inventory management solutions for U.S. retailers, explains Patrick Ahern, vice president, international for NRS, including managing logistics from factory to the distribution center or store with security and visibility throughout the retail supply chain.

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