YRC Offers Service Guarantee to New Customers

June 29, 2009
New customers who send five shipments over the YRC network are offered a guarantee that if any one is late, the sixth shipment is free

YRC Inc. announced the continuation of its “Confidence Delivered” service program. The program is designed for new customers and existing customers expanding their business with YRC. Introduced as a demonstration of the company’s confidence in the performance of its integrated delivery network, customers signing on to the Confidence Delivered program may send five shipments anywhere within the YRC network, and if any of the five shipments is not delivered on-time, the customer receives the sixth shipment free.

The YRC network was created on March 1, 2009, when the company integrated the people, systems, facilities and equipment of the former Yellow Transportation and Roadway networks. The streamlined network has approximately 400 service locations.

“Since the integration, the new YRC network is delivering service reliability that exceeds the performance of the legacy Yellow and Roadway networks,” said Mike Smid, president, YRC Inc. and chief operations officer, YRC Worldwide. “We anticipate that our exceptional operations will not only attract new customers but previous customers will come back to experience the improved service."

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