Choice Logistics Expands Global Network

Dec. 9, 2008
Choice Logistics is continuing to expand its base of strategic stocking locations (SSLs) internationally

Choice Logistics is continuing to expand its base of strategic stocking locations (SSLs) internationally. The company has increased its highly specialized services to support clients through multiple sites in 90 countries.

The company says its network is positioned to manage high value service parts with real-time inventory and order tracking.

“We are committed to providing our customers with the most reliable mission-critical, time-definite service parts logistics support possible globally,” said Michael Katz, CEO, Choice Logistics. “While Choice already has an established stocking location network for global customers, we make it a priority to identify opportunities to expand and improve efficiencies whenever and wherever possible. We are extremely proactive in our worldwide expansion efforts to support customers, thereby strengthening their service offerings.”

Two prime examples are Hitachi Data Systems Corp., a provider of data storage solutions, and Blue Coat Systems, Inc., an enterprise Web security company.

“The best attributes of Choice are their global, real-time inventory system and consistency of performance,” said John Peterson, vice president of logistics, Hitachi Data Systems. “With the same level of visibility and accurate asset tracking regardless of location, we know our parts are where they should be, when they should be there. Now, as we partner with Choice to improve our service parts delivery in Asia and Europe, I’m confident that we’ll receive the same level of efficiency.”

“Choice’s significant SSL presence has significantly helped in Blue Coat’s global expansion initiatives,” said Brian Hays, Blue Coat’s senior manager of service parts operations. “We have leveraged existing Choice sites, or when needed, they are more than willing to work with us to establish a new location. This level of commitment towards helping us improve our service offering is a true differentiator.”

Choice also continues to invest in its IT infrastructure. This includes upgrades in tracking capabilities that improve parts traceability, and the development of a comprehensive knowledge management database to share information across their network, to elevate service levels.

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