Ryder Will Offer Diesel Exhaust Fluid Nationwide

Nov. 18, 2010
Ryder System will soon be offering diesel exhaust fluid at every full service Ryder location in North America to help customers meet 2010 emission standards

Ryder System Inc., a provider of transportation and supply chain management solutions, will soon be offering diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) at every full service Ryder location in North America. This offering will support contractual full service lease and maintenance customers operating vehicles that use selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology to meet 2010 emission standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

DEF is the non-toxic solution that is required to maintain proper operating compliance in vehicles using SCR to convert nitrogen oxide in the exhaust stream to harmless nitrogen and water vapor. The majority of all 2010 diesel truck and tractor manufacturers are using SCR to meet the latest emission standards. DEF is already available at over 550 Ryder service locations in the U.S.

Ryder’s full service lease and maintenance customers will be able to purchase DEF in 2.5 gallon portable containers at a price that will be competitive with current retail offerings. Ryder will establish an initial inventory of DEF at each of its 600-plus service locations in North America and will increase that inventory as demand for DEF grows.

A limited inventory of DEF will also be available at non-fueling locations for emergency roadside service needs, as well as to support EPA 2010 compliant vehicles that are part of Ryder’s commercial rental fleet.

“As more EPA 2010 compliant vehicles are introduced into our customers’ fleets, we are prepared to ensure that customers will have DEF availability across Ryder’s network,” says Robert Sanchez, president, global fleet management solutions for Ryder. “Over the long-term, we will continue to evolve our DEF storage and dispensing infrastructure to meet the needs of the marketplace.”

In anticipation of increasing DEF demand, Ryder will add bulk storage and DEF pumps at its largest shop facilities throughout North America in 2011.

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