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Georgia Ports Log Record Volume in March

April 11, 2014
Inventory build-up for summer season is credited.

A record 2.61 million tons of cargo moved through Georgia ports in March—a 15.5 percent increase over the same month a year ago. This 349,682-ton increase was due mostly to double-digit container growth, according to the Georgia Ports Authority. The Port of Savannah’s Garden City Terminal moved 260,539 twenty-foot equivalent container units (TEUs) during the month, up by 28,000 TEUs or 12 percent.

“A combination of new customers and retail outlets increasing inventory before the busy summer season factored into our success,” said Executive Director Curtis Foltz. “Meanwhile, at our dedicated auto port, we’re seeing an increase in volume as more carmakers choose the Port of Brunswick as their gateway to the Southeastern U.S.”

A record number of roll-on/roll-off units—more than 64,000 cars, trucks and tractors—crossed GPA docks in March, a 21 percent improvement over year-ago figures.

Strong March cargo volumes built on the previous eight months to deliver a 6.8 percent fiscal year to date increase in TEUs, for a total of 2.31 million. Cargo moved by rail accounted for 254,263 containers fiscal year to date, or about 19.8 percent of total container volume. Ro/Ro traffic has seen even stronger growth for the fiscal year to date, reaching 503,091 units for a 7.4 percent (34,452-unit) improvement.

The GPA closed the third quarter having moved a fiscal year to date total of 21.8 million tons of freight. An 8.4 percent increase compared to the same period last year added 1.7 million tons for the current total.


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