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Averitt LTL Now Speedier Between U.S. Midwest and Ontario

July 17, 2014
One-day delivery is the new service promise.

Averitt has announced improved less-than-truckload service times between the U.S. Midwest and Ontario, including Toronto and other key cities. LTL shipments moving from Chicago now arrive in Toronto in a single business day.

“The Midwest-to-Ontario lanes are vital parts of many of our customers’ business plans,” said Phil Pierce, Averitt’s executive vice president of sales and marketing. “We listened to their feedback, made adjustments to our operations and worked with our partner in The Reliance Network, Canadian Freightways, to shave time off our service to Ontario.”

In addition to the one-day service to Toronto, Averitt has also shortened times to other major Ontario cities, including Ottawa, Kingston and London.

Freight moving from Averitt’s Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Louis facilities can now move to those points in as few as two business days.

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