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3PL Volumes Increase but Revenues Decrease

March 1, 2016
Total shipments increased 8.5% overall,  however total revenue for all loads decreased by 4.7%.

Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) has released the Fourth Quarter 2015 TIA 3PL Benchmarking Report and the results show that TIA members’ total shipments increased compared to Q4 2014, while total revenue decreased.  

In the comparison to the fourth quarter of 2014, total shipments increased 8.5% overall, an improvement driven by truckload and intermodal loads.

Gross profit margin percent per load increased nearly 200 basis points, yet total revenue for all loads decreased by 4.7%.

The report also indicates that total shipments decreased 5.3% when compared to Q3 2015.

The report is comprised of data drawn from three categories of members based on revenue; the report represents over 1.3 million shipments and nearly $2.3 billion in total revenue for Q4 2015.

Below is a comparison of performance for the three primary modes in Q4 2015 versus Q3 2015:

Mode Summary Q415 vs. Q315





Total Shipments




Invoice Amount/Load




Total Invoice Dollars




Margin %

90 Basis Points

50 Basis Points

-20 Basis Points

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