MILWAUKEE--The Rite-Hite Aftermarket Corporation introduced the Slat-Savr™ Impactable Rolling Steel Replacement Curtain for rolling steel doors today. The Slat-Savr impactable curtain replaces rolling steel door slats that are impacted and damaged by fork trucks.

“When looking at rolling steel doors, we found that many companies were looking to find solutions to their maintenance problems with rolling steel doors,” Rite-Hite Aftermarket President and CEO Paul Maly said. “This is a solution for the continued problem of replacing damaged slats.”

Made from a two-ply material, the Slat-Savr Impactable Curtain retrofits to most existing rolling steel doors. The Slat-Savr Curtain is available in 18-inch, 36-inch or 54-inch curtain heights and will fit door widths up to 16-feet wide.

A flexible bottom bar with a fabric seal attaches to the bottom edge of the curtain to give the curtain rigidity and to provide a good seal between the door and the plant floor. Optional locking latches help secure the door when it is not in use.
If existing slats need to be replaced, remove one of the door’s side frames and slide out the damaged slats. Attach the Slat-Savr Impactable Replacement Curtain to the remaining useable slats with bolts, and feed the Slat-Savr Curtain into the door’s side frame. Reattach side frame and the rolling steel door is back in operation.

For more information about the Slat-Savr Impactable Rolling Steel Replacement Curtain or any other products from the Rite-Hite Aftermarket Corporation, contact your local Rite-Hite Representative or the Rite-Hite Corporation, 8900 North Arbon Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53223. Phone: 414/355-2600. Fax: 414/355-4640 or call 1/800-465-0600. Or send an e-mail at [email protected].

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